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Thursday April 1 2004


Body: Hey Everyone,

Welcome back! Unfortunately, due to us not being able to get a room in time, there will be no Real Life this week (April 1). Sorry for the late notice. The location of next week's meeting is We will be talking a lot about leadership transition for next Fall during this week, so be sure to be asking God where He would have you serve with us. Thanks for your understanding.

Also be praying for Veritas week and thinking about friends you can be inviting to the different events.

Your UCSB Staff Team

Friday February 27 2004

Subject: Passion Follow Up

Body: Hey Everyone,

Well if you went to the Passion Movie last night, you know how God moved. Some of you are going this weekend with friends. As a result, many of you may have friends who want to start a relationship with Christ or who made a commitment to Christ after the movie. If this is the case I encourage you to be proactive in going through our Follow Up (Life Concepts studies) with them. This is a five week Bible study going through 1)the assurace of salvation 2)forgiveness 3,4) Spirit Filled life and 5)how to grow and mature as a Christ follower. These resources are on our website at under "Leader Resources".

If you need help in going through this with someone, please ask for help. We need to be good stewards of the fruit that God gives us and not be passive in helping these new people learn how to take the next step in their relationship with God.

The Staff Team and Shepherd Team are available for you if you have questions. Thanks for being faithful in bringing your friends!

-Jon Eastwood

Monday February 16 2004

Subject: Passion Movie Tickets

Body: Hey Eveyone,

A very unique opportunity has been given to us. We will be selling 400 tickets for a 10pm showing of Mel Gibson's Passion movie on February 26th. Tickets will be available this Thursday at Real Life. The cost is $8 for two tickets. Please come prepared to buy tickets if you plan on going during this time. Pray about what friends you could invite and pay for their ticket. This is an amazing opportunity! We look forward to seeing you at Real Life which meets every Thursday at 7:30pm in Broida 1610.

-The UCSB Staff Team

Monday January 19 2004

Subject: Lake Hart Preview Weekend

Body: Hey Everyone,

If you want to change the world for Christ and you want to use your college degree, this weekend could be for you. Come see the World Headquarters of Campus Cruasde for Christ. We believe that God gives each person gifts for specific reasons. God doesn't waste anything. Perhaps your major is computer science, journalism, finance, or human resources-maybe you've developed organizational and administrative skills during your college career. No matter what you're background, God has something specifically designed for you. This special preview weekend (which Campus Crusade pays for to go to) will help you determine if serving at Campus Crusade's Headquarters is the right fit for you.

When: Thursday, Feb 19 through Sunday, Feb 22
Where: Orlando, FL
To apply:
Who: Preference given to graduates, seniors and juniors, although the weekend is not limited to those groups.

Let the UCSB Staff know if you are interested in this opportunity or just apply yourself.

Monday January 19 2004

Subject: Special Summer Opportunity in Newport Beach

Body: Pacific Southwest Summer Media Internship
A Partnership with the Newport Beach U.S. Summer Project

Think of the best week of your life and multiply that by 10! You will spend 10 weeks in Newport Beach, CA with students from all over the States, growing in community, growing in intimacy with God, and learning how to be an effective witness for the gospel. You'll build relationships, minister to those around you, and gain a deeper heart for your walk with the Lord.

While on the project you will work on a team with other students and staff at the Pacific Southwest (PSW) regional office in Irvine with the PSW media team, using your gifting, skills and passions in media for His kingdom. Four (4) students participating on the Newport Beach project will have the opportunity to spend their summer working as an intern in areas including graphic design, web design, communications (writing/editing), video, and marketing, to provide key resources and tools to reach more students with the gospel on campuses in the Pacific Southwest (CA, AZ, HI, and Las Vegas).

Everyone on a U.S. project gets a full time job during their summer. Instead of working at a local pizza place or doing retail, you will serve as an intern developing media tools that we will use directly in ministry during the following school year. Here are some other reasons to apply:

• Work on a team with other creative people together in ministry
• Vision for two different aspects of being a missionary
• Professional experience and development
• School credit (check with your college or university)
• A $ stipend (TBA) for your contribution.
• Leverage with parents who want you to have a “career” opportunity over the summer.

Dates: June 7 – August 14, 2004; the internship runs concurrently with the Newport Beach Project, starting a few days after the project begins and ending a few days before the conclusion of the project.

Location and Housing: Newport Beach, CA; as a full participant on the Newport Beach Project you will have the same housing as all the other students participating. The regional office where the internship program will take place is a short 20 minute drive from the project.

Cost: All students participating in the Newport Beach Project are expected to raise their support to cover their project expenses, $2700. In addition all those participating as an intern will be paid a stipend for their work (actual amount TBA, but between $1,000 - $2,000)

How to Apply: Visit and submit a summer project application before the first deadline (spaces are limited!) for the Newport Beach Summer Project. Also, complete the PSW Media Internship supplemental application on page 2 of this flyer.

Deadline: The first deadline is January 24; when you meet that deadline, you will hear a decision regarding your acceptance to project by February 28. It is more than likely the project will be filled after the first deadline, so don’t miss it!

Contact: for questions about the media internship, contact, for questions about the Newport Beach Summer Project, contact

If you are interested, please let the UCSB staff know as there is a supplemental application for you to fill out.

Thursday January 15 2004

Subject: Simple Evangelism Project

Body: Hey Everyone,

If you have friends who are seeking or wouldn't mind receiving an email from you about spiritual things and want a cool way to start up a spiritual conversation, forward the following email below and then follow it up by asking if your friend had a chance to check out the website.

Give it a try and see what God does.

Email to forward below:

hey, I found a web site that does a good job of hitting real life questions. stuff that actually pertains to life. it's up-front without being in your face, and I thought you'd like to check it out.

some of what I thought was interesting:

comparing different religions

intimacy, sex

does God exist

how to find purpose in life

hope for a lasting marriage

Tuesday January 6 2004

Subject: Apply For Summer Projects

Body: Hey Everyone,

I just want to encourage you all to consider applying to go on a summer project, Campus Crusade's short term missions. From resort areas of the United States (Tahoe, Daytona, Newport) to the inner city (D.C., New York, Chicago, LA) to the unreached areas of the world (East Asia, Australia, Mexico City, Central Asia, etc), God can use you this summer to make an eternal impact in the lives of people all over the world. UCSB has a partnership with Melbourne, Australia and we will also be sending a Spring Break trip again this year (you don't have to apply for the Spring Break trip).

Our own Chris Comstock is leading a team to Australia and Jen Peet is leading a team to Mexico City (so consider going with them as well).

If you are just a bit interested please apply ASAP as these projects will fill up fast.

Apply now at

There are also some unique projects like the Epic Hawaii project which focuses on reaching Asian-Americans as well as the new Santa Monica project that will be starting for the first time this summer (which will hopefully become the Ocean City of the West Coast). Wherever it is, the first thing to do is apply now and get a staff person to do a reference for you.

If you have any problems applying please email the summer project Call Center at, or call the Call Center at 888-222-5462.

Any other questions, please talk to the staff or email Jon Eastwood at

Serving you,

Jon Eastwood

Monday January 5 2004

Subject: Welcome Back Everyone

Body: Hello Fellow Gauchos,

We hope you all had a restful break. We are excited for what God has in store for us this quarter. The San Diego Christmas Conference taught us what it means to "come alive" in Christ. Please join us this Thursday night for Real Life where we will be worshipping together, sharing together, and hearing a special message on where we are at as a ministry from Kyle.

We look forward to seeing you there. Also, Life Studies are starting up again all this week, so be sure to connect with your leader to find out times and locations. If you are not in a Life Study and would like to be in one, please email Jon and

Lastly, the weekly action group will be meeting this Wednesday at noon at the base of Storke Tower for training and application on how to share your faith. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to put your faith in action!

Have a wonderful week!

Your UCSB Staff Team

"What God can do through a person who is willing to act is limitless"-Erwin McManus

Thursday December 18 2003

Subject: Dinner at Christmas Conference

Body: Hey Everyone,

For those of you coming to the San Diego Christmas Conference we want to let you know that the first night before the main session we are offering you a free pizza dinner. So please join us at 5:15 pm in Garden Salon Two (which is a room at the Hotel-you'll get a map).

Suggestion when going through registration. Get there early on the 27th (by noon if you can). There is also a late registration after the first session which starts at 7pm.

Anyway, hope you can join us for dinner.

Have a Merry Christmas! If you haven't registered, the last day to do so online is this Saturday. Otherwise you can register at the conference. Go to to register online.

Thanks and we'll see you there!

-Your UCSB Staff Team

Monday December 1 2003

Subject: Worship Night

Body: Just a reminder that we are meeting this Tuesday in Broida 1610 from 7:30-8:30pm for an hour of worship and sharing. So take a study break and join us for our last Real Life of the year.

Also, its not too late to register for the San Diego Christmas Conference. Its time to make a decision. Go to to register.

Your Lovable Staff Team!!

Monday November 17 2003

Subject: Jr Transfer Needs a Roommate

Body: Lauren Connolly will be starting at UCSB on Jan
5 as a Junior transfer student. She is looking for housing. If you are a female and looking for
a roomate or know of someone who needs a roommate for the winter/spring quarter, please call Ammie at 805-252-2815. Lauren will be in town this Friday so let Ammie know before then if you have any info.


UCSB Staff Team

Monday November 17 2003

Subject: SAVE $10 on Christmas Conference

Body: Hey Everyone,

What if our generation were to come alive in Jesus Christ? When we come alive God transforms us to the image of His Son. When we come alive we are empowered as God's witnesses wherever He calls us. When we come alive we become an apologetic to the world, positively influencing our campus and community for the Kindgom of God.

Do you want to Come Alive? Well then, get on your computer and register for the San Diego Christmas Conference. You have a month between quarters and you will get bored at home and start to miss your UCSB friends. So why not come with us.

If you want to save money for this year's San Diego Christmas Conference, you only have until November 22nd to register for the $179 price. After that, the price goes up to $189.

So go now to and invest in your growth and Come Alive in Christ!

Friday October 24 2003


Body: Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the last minute change, but for those of you planning on going to the Development Day seminars, we will be NOT be meeting in the HSSB classrooms anymore but in Girvetz 1112, 1115, 1116 & 1119.

PLEASE FORWARD this to everyone you know that might be interested in going. Thanks and again, sorry for the late change.

-Shepherd Team

Thursday October 16 2003

Subject: Real Life Announcements

Body: Hey Everyone,

Coffee House Open Mic
If you want to share some of your talent, join us tonight at 6779 Pasado @ 9:30pm for a fun night of fellowship, coffee, and entertainment.

Meet N Meat
If you're a man and like to eat meat. Come this Friday at 5:30pm in the IV Parking Lot where we'll be going down to the Palms Restaurant in Carpinteria. Cost is $10-15 but you get to cook your own steak and have all you can eat salad and potatoe bar.

Fall Getaway Pics
If you have any digital pics from this past weekend, please send them to Jon Eastwood at We need them for the website.

Friday October 3 2003

Subject: Register for Fall Getaway

Body: Come getaway with us before midterms start to hang out with other UCSB students and connect with God and each other.

The only way to reserve your spot is by registering online at

You don't want to miss out on this. We have a great speaker, former director Shane Sebastian, in addition to many memories to be made. If you can't afford it all, remember you can always do payment plan.

Register NOW!!!

Wednesday September 17 2003

Subject: Welcome Back Everyone

Body: Hello,

We want to welcome you all who are returning for another year at UCSB. We are looking forward to what God will do this Fall. Hopefully, you are aware of all the WOW week activities. Come by our booth in front of the UCEN if you have yet to touch base with us. There you can find all the information you need regarding upcoming events. Our first Real Life meeting is this Thursday at 7:30pm in Broida 1610. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Your UCSB Staff,

Kyle, Wendy, Jon, Ammie, Chris, Jen & Janelle

Friday August 29 2003

Subject: Does anyone have photos?

Body: Hi everyone,

I hope you're having a great summer. I'm looking for photos to add to the photo galleries of the crusade website. If you have some, please send them to It will be good for incoming freshmen to be able to see them when they are deciding if/how to get involved on campus. Also, I only have 9MB (9000KB) free so if you are going to be sending some big ones, then please give me a little warning.

Thanks a lot,


Thursday August 28 2003

Subject: Transfer Student Needs A Place to Live

Body: Hey fellow crusade people-
My name's Kristen...I've emailed you guys before...I'm transfering this fall from OCC in Orange County. I was super involved in crusade all 3 yrs. Anwyays....I was wondering if you guys could do me a huge favor and forward this email to all the crusade people-- I need a place to live!! I had a place and it fell through I'm in a big hurry to find somewhere to live. I want to get settled in as soon as possible. I'm hoping to live with Christians...but if anyone knows of anyone who are non-party people that need a roomate, could you let me know? I'm looking for rent no more than $600/mo. If you know anything, please please please email or call me ASAP. thanks! :)
Kristen Rael

Wednesday July 2 2003

Subject: Core Retreat 2003

Body: Hey everyone...I pray you are all enjoying the summer. I have been praying for you all as I dream and look forward to next year on campus! Anyway, this is a quick reminder to go to our website to register for the Core Retreat. It will be the place where we can dream and plan next year together as we seek the Lord and trust Him to do great things.

We need your input, creativity and wisdom. I look forward to seeing you and catching up.

There aren't a lot of spots left, so get going.

Yours for the lost,


Wednesday June 4 2003

Subject: Awesome Opporunity to Serve the Campus


We are partnering with other Christian clubs (such as GCF and AACF) as well as Reality to serve our classmates with coffee and a free scantron or bluebook.

This will be starting on Thursday, June 5 and go until Thursday, June 12 every night from 10pm-2am in front of the RBR.

So where do you fit in? We need u to respond and let Helicon (a guy from AACF) know what time or times you are able to come help out at the booth, have fellowship with other Christians on campus, and serve our classmates in their time of need (of coffee, and Jesus :-) Helicon will be there everynight, so don't worry about knowing how to set stuff up, cuz he'll know.
Please email Helicon asap so that he can get an idea of when you can help out. Make sure to include your name and phone number.
Helicon's email is:

Most importantly, remember James 2:14-26 (meeting with the other groups today i was so struck by their excitement to go for it, and not just do one or two days of coffee, but a whole week), and also keep this event in your prayers. It is going to be an awesome way for the christians on campus to unite as one, and serve the campus for Christ.

If you have any questions or concerns, email or call me, Joylani [ (805)886-8438]

Tuesday June 3 2003

Subject: Need a Summer Apartment?

Body: Philip McAndrew is in need of someone to rent his place from July 12th-August 15th. There is the option of moving in earlier if needed. Cost is $475. If interested, call 909-289-2354.


Friday May 30 2003

Subject: Graduating and Need a Job?

Body: Hello,

My name is John Carley, and I'm a past "campus-crusader" at a Southern
California school.

Our company is looking for a graduating or finishing student who loves the
Lord, loves serving the Lord, and is an advanced computer programmer or
system administrator. We have a full time position open immediately and
because we are fellow believers and work with 50% Christian ministries at
our business, we thought it would be a great opportunity for a fellow
believer who may be interested in this type of job.

If you know someone, or know perhaps who to pass this email on to who
knows someone, would you mind doing this so that a person who may be
interested in this can contact us and let us know of their interest.

Anyone that may be interested can email to me,
expressing their interest and perhaps attaching a resume - or calling

We have further details of the job located at:

Thank you.
God Bless
John Carley
Trinet Internet Solutions

other information:
- actual work would be doing web development for ministries and
businesses making websites, programming online features, and managing a
range of servers that control websites and databases

-some of the ministries we work with are Harvest Crusades, Billy Graham
Ministries, Campus Crusade ministries, Samaritan's Purse Ministries, and
dozens of other churches and parachurh ministries.

-we also work with many businesses doing the same web development

-we are located in Southern California, in Irvine specifically.

-we need someone specifically with UNIX (Linux) skills and perhaps is even
a great hacker !

Thank you.

John Carley Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc.

Wednesday May 14 2003

Subject: Core Retreat Registration

Body: Hey Everyone,

This is the link to register for the 2003 Core Retreat in beautiful Oxnard, CA. We will meet September 10-12 for reconnection, planning and praying for the next year. We need your help and input and we look forward to spending the time with you! Oh, and if you register by August 9th you get $5 off. Man, we're givers.

The address where you can register online is:

Kyle Menig
Campus Crusade for Christ
1605 Mountain Avenue
Santa Barbara CA 93101

Wednesday May 14 2003

Subject: This Weeks Announcments

Body: Hey Everyone,

Less than four weeks left to this quarter but plenty of time for God to use you in a significant way in the lives of those around you.


Tickets for the Spring Formal on May 31st will be for sale at Real Life, only $10. A great time to get dressed up and have fun with that special someone or special friend.

For those of you leading Bible studies next year, if you don't have your copy of "Master Plan of Evangelism" or haven't paid the $5 for the one you already have, please be sure to ask Jon for a copy at this weeks Real Life and pay him. Thanks.


DP Prayer Walk-meet at the Casbah at 5pm to pray over IV and enjoy some fellowship.


Care Ministry-learn how to love people in the party atmosphere and serve them. Meet at the OK Chalet at 10pm.


All you freshmen ladies are invited to Kari Turner's house (6842 Pasado "The Barn") at 7:30pm to talk about next years' sophomore studies.


Root Beer Float Outreach-come help make someones day by scooping ice cream and initiating with others. We will be in front of the UCEN from 11:00am-1:00pm. Bring a friend.

Tuesday May 13 2003

Subject: Men\

Body: Listen Up All you Men!!

There will be a "Visioneering" meeting for all guys interested in being part of our Men's Ministry. Whether you just want some accountability or some leadership opportunities, come join us on Wednesday at 6 pm in downstairs in the UCEN (in front of the Falafel place). We'll be discussing the needs and goals of this exciting new ministry and outlining ways how you can get involved or use it to complement your ministry. Hope to see all you there!
-Matt Shibata

Wednesday April 23 2003

Subject: This Weeks Announcments

Body: Hey Everyone,

Hope you all had a good Easter. Here's what's going on this week.


Do you have a heart for lost students? Care Ministry (aka "party ministry") will be having a training time to talk about how to go into parties in Isla Vista and love people. The meeting will be at 6:00pm outside Chem 1179.

The prayer team is going through "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire". Please come and join in discussion of this book at 6:30pm in Chem 1179.

Real Life at 7:30 pm. Come hear our guest speaker, Rick Comstock, Chris' dad.


Prayer Walk for Isla Vista at 5pm at 6850 DP (the casbah)

Root Beer Float Outreach in Isla Vista. Come hand out root beer floats and meet new people in Isla Vista. A great way to start conversations with others. 9pm at 6604 Sabado

Care (party) Ministry. Right after the Root Beer float outreach, meet at 10:30pm at the OK Chalet to pray and go into parties to love people and have good conversations, walk people home, etc.


Isla Vista Prayer Walk from 12-2pm. You never thought prayer could be this much fun. Bring a lunch and meet in Anisq' Oyo Park behind Silvergreens.

Ballroom Dance:

Guy ask Girl-Get dressed up, go to dinner with friends and dance the night away with your friends and lots of cool old people downtown at the Carrillo Senior Community Center. Arrive anytime after 8pm.

Sunday April 20 2003

Subject: Christian Female Roommate Available - Housing Needed

Body: HI, My name is Tiffany Massey and I have a need that the body of Crusade may
be able to help me fill. I am in need of housing for next year. I will be a sophomore next year. I am looking for any spots available where I
could live for next year. I am interested in any and all
options, regardless of location or price, though cheap and close to campus
would be a dream. I am interested in living with Christians or
non-Christians, though trustworthy and responsible housemates are pretty
much a must have. I am responsible and easy going, and in general lovely to
live with! If you need a roommate or you know someone that is in need of
one, and you can give me a phone number or email for contact, please respond
to this! If you could respond within a week, that is by April 25, that would
be fantastic. If you need more time, that is fine. My number is
(408)472-1153, and my email address is

Monday April 14 2003

Subject: This Weeks Announcments

Body: Hi Everyone,

Spring Retreat in Pismo was awesome as we talked about becoming intimate with each other and with God as well as relationships. If you didn't get a chance to make it, be sure to ask someone who went to share what they learned.

Here's what's up for this week.


Ethinic Student Ministry Vision Dinner. If you have a heart for making Campus Crusade at UCSB more diverse and want to help brainstorm ideas in how to do that, please come to this event. It is tonight at Jeff Ho's house (775 Camino Del Sur, Chimney Sweeps Apt A-7) at 5:30pm.


Outreach at 12:30pm in front of the UCEN. Come learn how to initiate spiritual conversations with other people.

Core Prayer 6-7pm upstairs in the UCEN. If you've never come, now's a good time to start. Come hear how you can be a part of what's going on and how you can be praying for this campus.

Special Women's Time with Wendy Menig (kyle's wife) in the UCEN's Lobero Room at 7:30-8:30pm.

As One All Campus Praise Night. Come together with all the other Christian clubs on campus for prayer and worship as one body in Christ.
Storke Plaza from 7-8pm.


Outreach at 12:00pm in front of the UCEN. Come learn how to initiate spiritual conversations with other people.

2nd Open Forum Training with Craig Morris:
9-10:30pm in Girvetz 1119. This is a great opportunity you don't want to pass up. If you missed the first training, come anyway or call Jon at 252-4727.


Mandatory Future Bible Study Leaders Meeting:
If you have been asked to lead a study next year, please come to this meeting as we will be talking about the vision for Bible studies. Girvetz 2128 from 6-7pm.

Real Life at 7:30pm in Chem 1179.


Good Friday


Tuesday April 8 2003

Subject: Spring Quarter Open Forum

Body: Hi Everyone,

We will be hosting an open forum discussion this quarter with moderator Craig Morris who serves with Search Ministries. The forum will be on God and life issues and will go for four weeks and begin April 30th on Wednesday nights from 9-10pm.

This is a great opportunity to invite friends from very different backgrounds as that makes the discussion more dynamic. However, we are having a two-week training session that is mandatory for you to attend if you choose to invite someone to this forum. This training will start tomorrow (Wed) night from 9-10:30pm in Girvetz 1119. Please come even if you don't have anyone in mind to invite yet. This is a great opportunity you don't want to pass up.

If you have any questions, call Jon at 252-4727.


Tuesday April 8 2003

Subject: Freshman Dessert Location Change

Body: For all you Freshman out there, we are having a dessert especially for to appreciate you and to talk about your role in helping us in our mission to turn lost students in Christ-centered laborers. It will be from 7:30-9:00pm in the Santa Cruz Formal Lounge (NOT San Nic)this Tuesday night in place of your normal study. Hope to see you all there!!

Your UCSB Staff Team,

Kyle, Jon, Ammie, Chris & Kari

Friday April 4 2003

Subject: Service Opportunities for this Friday-Sunday

Body: Hi All,

Sorry about the technical difficulties during the beginning of the announcements. Here are the service opportunites that are coming up starting today (Friday April 4).
To get more information on any of them, simply go to and click on the appropriate event or you can click on "Calendar of Events" from the home page.

Homeless sack lunch outreach – Drop off a sack lunch at 6795 Sueno Rd (the big pink fence on the corner) on Friday April 4. Then meet at the same place Saturday April 5 at 11:00AM to carpool downtown to distribute the lunches and share Jesus with the homeless of Santa Barbara.

Del Playa Cleanup – Meet at 6795 Sueno Rd Sunday April 6 at 2:00 PM. We are going to go down D.P. and pick up trash from the weekend’s parties. This is a nice opportunity to ask people if we can clean their yards and as a result they get to hear that we are Christians and are serving them. Trash bags and gloves will be provided.

Also, there are a couple more of upcoming events that have yet to be set in stone, but the for-sure one will be announced at bible studies this week and the other at core prayer if it is to take place.

I look forward to serving God with you and maybe meeting some new people =).

Thursday April 3 2003

Subject: This Weeks Announcments

Body: Welcome back everyone!

Our weekly meeting Real Life will be meeting in Chem 1179 this quarter so don't go to Broida 1610.

Luau Party from 5:30-9:30pm at the Cliff House on West Campus (way out by Sand Beach). Come eat food and get your hula dancing going on. Cost is $3 and you can drive to the parking lot off of Storke Road (carpool if you can).
Sponsored by FAT (Freshman Activities Team)


Freshman Dessert: next Tuesday night at 7:30pm in the San Nic Formal Lounge. Come get some food and find out more about how you can continue to make an impact at UCSB next year.

Senior Appreciation Dessert: Wednesday night, April 9th, at 7:30pm at the Eastwood's house (492 Mills Way #B) off of Storke Road and Whitter Drive. We want to love on you.

Open Forum Training: Craig Morris will be facilitating a forum where you can bring your friends to talk about God and life issues. The forum will begin Wednesday April 30th at 9pm but if you want to bring your friends you must attend the two weeks of training starting THIS Wednesday, April 9th from 9-10:30pm. The training will be held somewhere in the UCEN-TBA. But be thinking about who you would invite and come to the training.

Spring Retreat in Pismo Beach: April 11-13 (next weekend!!). Don't miss out on this event as we will all spend time learning about how to become more intimate with God and with each other. We will also have time devoted to talking about relationships as well as saying good-bye to our seniors. Cost is $91 so pay Ammie to reserve your spot. Questions, call Ammie at 252-2815.

Sunday March 16 2003

Subject: Two Christian women needed as roommates for next year

Body: Hi!
My name is Jane Bolin and I am from Gaucho Christian Fellowship. Five girls
and I are are looking for two God-loving girls with which to share our lives
in the coming year. We want to rent a house located at 6807 Pasado. It is a
beautiful, spacious HOME. It has three double rooms, two single rooms, three
bathrooms, a living room (with a fireplace!), a kitchen, a laundry room, a
large backyard, and plenty of parking. This is a dream-come-true house! We
are truly very excited at the God-given opportunity to rent it, especially
because the owner has gave us priority as soon as he found out that we are
Christians. The two single rooms are large and rent for 675 a month. We
have worked out our budget and will be buying most of our food from Costco.
All things considered, we estimate that this is still cheaper than living on
campus. We have talked to housing services and they confirm this. If you
are at all interested in living with us or seeing the house, please call me,
Jane, at 209-606-7579. We hope to have everything settled and the paperwork
signed by March 21st. If you cannot get the money in time, we will help you
out until you can. We also are open to anyone who needs a place to stay
during the summer, as we will be sub-leasing. Thank you very much and God
bless you!
Sincerely, Jane

Wednesday March 12 2003

Subject: This Weeks Announcments

Body: Hey Everyone,

Well its Dead Week but here's what's up.


Junior Appreciation Dessert-tonight at the Casbah (6850 DP) at 7pm. If you are a junior and want to learn more about how you can leave a legacy here at UCSB, come hang out with us as we appreciate you and talk about your role in the future of this movement.


Real Life 7:30pm Broida 1610-Special Worship Night. Come take a study break for an hour as we spend time worshipping God together.

Pismo Beach Spring Retreat-April 11-13 (second weekend of Spring Quarter). You don't want to miss out on this. Cost is $91 and we'll be accepting $40 deposits at Real Life this week to reserve your spot. Only 78 spots so pay Ammie as soon as possible. Pastor Rick Soto from Calvary Chapel will be our speaker. Great time of learning more about God and each other with lots of food and fun.

Spring Break News:

You can be praying for your fellow Gauchos as we are sending two teams; one to Melbourne, Australia and one to the inner city of Los Angeles for Urban Immersion. Pray for safety and for God to use them in mighty ways to spread God's love to others.

That't it for now. Have a wonderful Spring Break and we look forward to seeing you all next quarter.

Your UCSB Staff Team

Thursday March 6 2003

Subject: Darrell Scott Outreach

Body: Rejoice to the Lord, Let all the nations rejoice!!

As I type to you I am emotionally weak and filled with an amazing feeling of God's presence. God showed up tonight and it was astounding.

Never in my life have I been to an outreach event at UCSB where it filled up our largest lecture (seats over 900 people). Well it happened tonight and instead of me going into all the details, please read through the quotes that students wrote down on the comment cards we had available. Thank you for your prayers. Please read slowly and be encouraged. We have 60 new brothers and sisters in Christ and 75 re-committments to Christ.

We serve a mighty and awesome God!!

The life of his daughter shows that one person can make a difference
Rachel is a true warrior of God. I am new to Christianity but with role models like her I will never lack in inspiration and a true sense of God’s strength
Words do not describe the feelings and emotions that arise from such a presentation. While I believe in God and practice a different faith, I still believe in Rachel’s mission.
I’ve never really dealt with this on such a level so I cannot judge, but I do love Jesus and God does rule our lives, if only we’d let him, like Rachel did.
There was truth and honesty in it and it touched many people
Already a Christian but now a stronger one
She was what I want to be
Most amazing story I’ve ever heard
Uplifting. I do not believe in God nor do I plan on it anytime soon, but I was touched.
Amazing story and presentation. You touched my heart. Very uplifting. Made me take a step back and look at my life and those that matter to me.
It’s challenging and inspiring because in order to do what Rachel did you have to believe to the very core
It blows my mind that this event could bring so much glory to God. Campbell Hall filled…amazing!
I absolutely believe the message. I do make a difference when I reach out in kindness.
I was truly impacted by the reality of Rachel’s relationship with God. I have never seen a more real act from God.
Too much to say
It was very touching and moving. It made me wish I had done more with my life up till now and challenges me to start using my life for God’s glory
I have called myself a Christian since preschool but since the beginning of college have felt myself falling away. This is what I needed. Thank you.
If this presentation doesn’t turn somebody to God, then I don’t know what will.
This was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. It makes you believe and touches your heart and soul.
It made me realize that Jesus is powerful and if people accept him into their lives, he will help them, no matter how troubled you may think you are.
I now realize that my purpose in life is to serve God and his people

If you would like to hear more about Rachel Scott's story you can visit her webisite at

Wednesday March 5 2003

Subject: This Weeks Announcments

Body: Hello Everyone,

Here's what up for this week.

Tonight-Darrell Scott Outreach 7:30pm Campbell Hall. Be sure to bring a friend and if you're not bringing someone, please be willing to give up your seat if we end up not having enough room.


AS ONE prayer meeting. If you are interested in helping bring all the Christian groups together for events on campus, come to this intergroup prayer and planning meeting at 5:00pm in the Asian Resource Center.

Prayer Team Meeting: If you are interested in going through "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire" - a book on the power of prayer, come hang out before Real Life this Thursday at 6:30pm in Broida 1610

Real Life Thursday 7:30pm, Broida 1610: Guest speaker Bruce McCluggage, who was on staff with Campus Crusade for 25 years will be sharing a message


Prayer Walk and pray for the campus. Meet at 2pm at the UCEN tables outside

Men's Bible Study Krispy Kreme Eating Contest. Come meet other guys from other studies and bond as we compete for "As many donuts you can eat in 30 minutes". Can you eat the bakers dozen? Join us at 7pm in IV Theater parking lot and bring a car if you can help carpool.


Hike to Red Rock. Meet at 10:30 am on the UCEN steps outside for a day of exercise and fellowship. Bring your bathing suit and lunch and car if you can help carpool.


Are you passionate about reaching Hispanics? Come to Destino prayer at 2:00pm in front of the Gaucho Deli. Destino is Campus Crusade's specialized ministry to help build bridges and reach the Hispanic community.


CORE PRAYER-come be a part of what is the heart of our movement-prayer. Every Tuesday at 6:00pm downstairs in the UCEN. This a great place to get more involved and hear in advance about what's going on and how you can serve and be served.

Thursday February 27 2003

Subject: Darrell Scott Outreach & Other Announcements

Body: Hello Everyone,

Darrell Scott Outreach:
Next Wednesday at 7:30pm in Campbell Hall

You can be a part of what has become one of the largest outreaches on campuses all over the nation. Darrell Scott has spoken to over 1 million people in the past two years about his daughters murder at Columbine High School, Rachel Scott. He will be sharing about the hope he has and his daughters amazing legacy to start a chain reaction in the lives of others.

We will be selling T-shirts at Real Life tonight for $4 that will give you opportunites to share with your friends about what it means to believe in something worth dying for. Before Rachel Scott was shot dead, her killer asked her the question, "Do you believe in God?". Rachel replied, "You know I do." And with that her last words were spoken. These t-shirts will have written on them, WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE? WOULD YOU DIE FOR IT?

Please join us as we fast and pray over this awesome event and buy a T-shirt Thursday night at Real Life. We will be wearing the T-shirts Monday-Wednesday of next week. Right now there are red posters all over campus with the same slogan on them.

To help get the word out, we will be canvasing IV with flyers this Monday night at 9pm at 6604 Sabado Tarde. Please come help us put out these 10,000 flyers on cars, telephone poles, and on campus.

Other Announcements

This Friday Night (Feb 28th): Galactic Bowling
10:30pm-2:00am at Zodos, 5925 Calle Real
Cost is only $13 and includes bowling, lights, music, food and shoes! Meet at Zodos and bring your friends.

Next Friday Night (March 7th): Men's Krispy Kreme Challenge-its Bible study vs. Bible study for who can eat the most greasy donuts. Don't miss out on this great memory maker. Meet at IV Theater at 7pm and bring a car if you can drive.

Wednesday February 19 2003

Subject: This Weeks Announcments

Body: Hey Everyone,

Here's what's up for this week.

Community Team Meeting (all welcome who want to be involved) 2pm at the UCEN Gaucho Deli

80's Dance Party 9pm at the Casbah 6850 DP
Be sure to invite your friends

Freshmen BBQ at Goleta Beach 11am

Bible Study Leaders Training/Appreciation,
12-2pm Pizza lunch provided, HSSB classroom

Development Day Seminars 2-4pm, HSSB classrooms

Ever wanted to learn about the ways in which God has gifted you? Nervous about raising support for summer projects? Do you clam up when opportunities to share your faith come up? Have you ever wondered what it really means to grow? Don’t miss out on a fun day of learning new things and becoming more confident in how God has created you to make an eternal impact on campus at UCSB.

List of seminars are as follows:

2-3 pm
Cherish Morris-Understanding your spiritual gifts(please take spiritual gifts test before you arrive-pick one up at Real Life this Thursday)

2-3 pm & 3-4 pm
Jon Eastwood– How to raise the PHAT cash needed for your summer missions projects

2-3 pm & 3-4 pm
Kyle Menig–What’s your message? How to share Christ with people around you

3-4 pm
Ammie Eastwood/Kari Heywood– How people grow and understanding the four basic tasks of becoming mature image bearers of God

MONDAY: Outreach Team Meeting (all welcome)
7pm at 6604 Sabado, Help plan the Darrell Scott outreach. We need your help to advertise, make posters and make T-shirts.

Wednesday February 12 2003

Subject: Campus Crusade Announcements

Body: Hi Everyone,

Below is a summary of this weeks events. There is a lot going on, but a lot of great opportunities so READ CAREFULLY!!

Urban Immersion Spring Break Trip: Want to spend time with other gauchos by serving God in the inner-city of Los Angeles. There will be an informational meeting this Thursday, Feb 13th at 6:30pm downstairs in the UCEN Hub.

Looking for a way to get more involved but don't know how? Attend a ministry team meeting to find out how you can be a part of reaching UCSB through prayer, community, outreach and Real Life. We need your help and your ideas!!!

Prayer Team Meeting next Tuesday, Feb 18th at 7:00pm downstairs in the UCEN Hub. Learn how you can organize prayer in our movement.

Community Team Meeting next Friday, Feb 21st at 2pm by the Gaucho Deli. Learn how you can bring people together in creative ways for fellowship and outreach.

Men's ministry and prayer meeting. Want to be a part of planning events for men. Come to Jimmy's House (6512 Seville #2) this Saturday, Feb 15th at 10:00 am to pray and dream together.

Bible Study Leaders Meeting/Appreciation next Saturday, Feb 22nd from 12-2pm in HSSB.

Development Day next Saturday from 2-5pm in HSSB.
More details to come.

Thanks for reading this weeks announcments!

Monday February 3 2003

Subject: The Outsiders Surf Jam

Body: Hey Everyone,

We as a staff team just want to encourage you all to be a part of this Wednesdays Surf Jam Outreach event at Campbell Hall at 7pm. The cost is $2 at the door. There will be a punk band from Hawaii, a premier showing of "The Outsiders" and a message by Britt Merrick and a raffle for a free surfboard from Channel Islands. Even if you don't surf, please help us bring the message of Christ to the surf culture here at UCSB. We need your help in setting things up at Campbell hall (be there Wednesday at 5:45pm) and we need your help by inviting your friends to this awesome event.

Please also remember to pray for God to show up. We are trusting God to fill Campbell hall and for life-changing decisions to be made. Pray that students would take the next step (whatever that may be) towards Christ. We are counting on your parcipation and we thank you for your time and effort in helping us glorify God through this event.

Your UCSB Staff Team,

Kyle, Wendy, Jon, Ammie, Kari & Chris

Thursday January 30 2003

Subject: News Section added to Top Menu

Body: Hi all. Just wanted to let you know that you can now access current and old News and Events through a link on the top menu. As of 1/29 there aren't any up there, but expect this week's announcements to be there after Thursday.