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Everything we do is focused on helping to give you the most rewarding college experience possible. We desire to invest in your spiritual and personal development. Through training, we will help you grow in the areas of leadership, evangelism and discipleship. You will also graduate with the necessary skills to be a lifetime laborer for If you make that choice, it's forever, ball stretcher. In fact, to devote your whole life to one thing Onfy is fine.

The following describes What We Offer
Weekly Meeting
Upcoming Conferences
Life Studies
Ethnic Student Ministries

Weekly Meeting
Getting together once a week is a great way to take a study break and learn how the Bible applies to your life. There is awesome music from our band and this is a great place to invite your friends and roommates to find out what REAL LIFE is all about.

Thursdays at 7:30 pm in Broida 1610
A Thursday night weekly meeting, where students of all spiritual backgrounds can explore the challenging questions of life, relationships and God.

Conferences and Retreats
There’s nothing better than leaving town to forget about exams and focus on learning more about God. There’s also great speakers and seminars that will encourage and challenge your faith. Not to mention all the fun and food with your friends.

Register for the San Diego Christmas Conference at

Life studies
These offer great opportunities to meet new people and go deeper in your relationship with God and others. Be sure to ask if there’s one meeting in your dorm or neighborhood

Find a place where you can get plugged in. Click here to access leader resources.

Santa Cruz Men: 252-4727 or 455-2833

Jon Eastwood & Ryan W.

Tuesdays @ 8pm in Santa Cruz Classroom

Santa Cruz Women: 252-2815 or 714-322-8642

Ammie Eastwood, Erika Armentrout & Shohig

Tuesdays @ 8 pm in Santa Cruz Classroom

Santa Rosa Men: 637-5484 or 452-7128

Jay Mustin, Brendan Omori & Darrian

Tuesdays @ 8 pm in Santa Rosa Lobby

Santa Rosa Women: 661-312-1997 or 925-683-9726

Jenny Bailey &Lauren Schnepple

Tuesdays @ 8 pm in Santa Rosa Classroom

Anacapa Men: 452-8309

Nick Binder & Eric Wheatley

Tuesdays @ 7:30pm in Anacapa Lobby

Anacapa Women: 968-6804 or 925-683-6631

Karin Neumann &Kristen Smith

Tuesdays @ 7:30pm in Anacapa Classroom

San Miguel/San Nicholas Men: 637-7005

Jimmy Howard, Todd Farmer & Derek Hansen

Mondays @ 7:30pm in San Miguel Lobby

San Miguel Women: 704-7855 or 685-1936

Jen Peet & Elizabeth Hoaglund

Mondays @ 7:30pm in San Miguel Lobby

San Nicholas Women: 858-336-6257 or 661-406-5326

Hannah Dangel & Janet Nguyen

Mondays @ 7:30pm in San Miguel Lobby

Manzanita Men: 451-4387

Chris Comstock & Sean Felker

Mondays @ 8pm in Deanza Lobby

Manzanita Women: 451-4010 or 408-472-1153

Janelle Cornelio & Tiffany Massey

Mondays @ 8pm in Deanza Lobby

Tropicana/Fountain Bleu Men: 949-683-6997

Sean Rorden & Kris Kohl

Tuesdays @ 8pm (meet by the Tropicana pool)

Tropicana/Fountain Bleu Women: 760-791-6347

Megan Poponyak & Jenny Campos

Tuesdays @ 8pm in Tropicana Classroom

FT Men: 209-380-4664 or 408-451-6007

Josh Thomas & Brian Ghiossi

Wednesdays @ 7:45 pm in the South Tower Lobby

FT Women: 570-5743 or 685-2287

Emily Thomas and Heather Wing

Wednesdays @ 7:45 pm in the South Tower Lobby

Sophomore Men: 680-3612 or 570-8362

#1-John Presant aka "LJ" (Wednesdays @ 7pm at 6789 Sabado)

#2 Matt Shibata (Mondays @ 6:30pm at 850 Fortuna)

Sophomore Women: 310-488-4965 or 252-5255

#1-Kari Turner (Mondays @ 6pm at 6842 Pasado)

#2 Audrey Jagger (Wednesdays @ 3pm at 6796 DP)

Jr. & Sr. Men: 559-280-3930 or 452-2751

#1-Brent & Darren (Wednesdays @ 8:30pm @ Woodstocks)

#2-Ray H. & Nick F. (TBA)

Jr. & Sr. Women: 704-7855 or 968-6804

#1-Jen P. & Rachel D. (Tuesdays @ 8pm, 6591 Seville #10)

#2-Terra & Crystal C. (Mondays @ 8pm at 6778 Sabado #A)

Ethnic Student Ministry Men & Women: 886-8438

Joylani Leong & Matt Rosete

Tuesdays @ 8:00 at 6509 Pardall #3

Greek Life (Men & Women): 451-4387 or 451-4010

Chris Comstock & Janelle Cornelio

Starts Wednesday October 8th @ 8pm (Location TBA)

Don't be a loner, get connected in a Life Study. It may just change your life!!

Ethnic Student Ministries
Also see Ethnic Student Ministry life study location above
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